All orders requiring artwork must be sent in as Black and White CAMERA READY vector art.

For Four Color Artwork (ColorBrite items), please send vector files in Adobe Illustrator format. Artwork must be @ 100% (final size) or larger. Imprint areas are listed in the product description. ALL FONTS MUST BE CONVERTED TO OUTLINES, CURVES OR PATHS (VECTOR). IF SUPPLYING IMAGE FILES, FONTS NEED TO BE RASTERIZED. Design needs to be a solid shape without soft edges, transparencies or overprints.

IMPRINT: Adobe Illustrator – CC or lower Photoshop – All EPS, TIFF, PDF files (layered if possible) They must be 600 dpi or higher at 100% of final size or larger.

DIGITAL LABELS: Colors must be CMYK. Not all RGB or LAB colors can be rendered in CMYK properly. 4 color process grays, should be created from black, or they may produce undesired results in CMYK. The percentage must not be below 18%, or it may not print. Blues need to have a difference of 35% or more between Cyan and Magenta. If not, they will print purple.